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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are Hayden T Joseph CPA LLP ( and we are an independent member firm of the Moores Rowland Asia Pacific Network ( The group has over 30 offices in 11 countries. In Hong Kong, there are 2 Moores Rowland firms offering auditing, accounting, outsourcing, tax, legal and advisory services –
  • Thomas Lee and Partners
  • Moores Rowland HK CPA Ltd
Hayden T Joseph CPA LLP works on International Tax in general and United States International Tax in particular. Our Singapore based firm is a proud member of the Moores Rowland family.
  • We can help your family or your firm with international tax planning as well as international tax compliance. Especially between –
  • Hong Kong and other Asian countries including Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Hong Kong and Caribbean territories such as the BVI.
  • Hong Kong and the USA.
  • Hong Kong and the UK.
Hayden T Joseph CPA LLP does business as (DBA) Advanced American Tax and here is our US Tax brochure – AT HTJ Tax, we handle a diverse range of complex tax situations.  With our knowledge of Hong Kong laws, you can be assured of a one stop shop of experienced professionals. Our experience includes:
  • Income generated from closely held non-US corporations
  • Ownership resulting in capital gains, and ways to minimize them.
  • A Gifts and inheritance issues.
  • Foreign mutual funds.
  • A Gift to a non-US spouse or anyone else.
  • Foreign earned pensions.
  • FATCA and FBAR reporting.
An experienced US tax advisory Hong Kong who specializes in timely tax settlement like Hayden T Joseph does, would be the best tax professional to have you in your right side as pillar strength when the IRS, country tax law, and the tax authority surround you. We can help you get the maximum deductions and credits for which you qualify. Also, if you miss the records or forms necessary to file your tax returns timely, our US tax services Hong Kong will help you in reconstructing the tax records necessary to file your tax returns before the due date precisely. At HTJ tax, we can help you understand the ins and outs of US tax Hong Kong compliance, whether you’re a US citizen or resident alien living or traveling outside the border of the United States. Hayden T Joseph is committed to providing you with the trusted & peace of mind when it comes to your international tax compliance. By combining the expertise, experience, and the diverse skills of our consultants, we can help.

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